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In 2013, after 27 years of existence, “Invent” has successfully manufactured its 2 millionth water cistern.

            During great world economic crises, between 2008 to 2013,we have achieved to replace our old machines with  the new, last generation machines, old molds with the new ones, and we are especially proud of it.At the same time, we have launched 4 types of water cisterns and 3 types of toilet seats.

            Continuous production of 2 million water cisterns is a result of systematic work and great experience, along with our own technological solutions, justify our company’s name “INVENT”. 

            ”Invent” history begins at 1986 with 10 employees, as first In Serbia and Balcans,starting production of plastic, silent water cisterns.

            ”INVENT” water cisterns have quickly succeeded in the market. At that time, legal employment limit in private companies of 10 employees max, has become issue for our company. By Declaration of Vojvodina Executive Council in the late 1986, Invent is been granted to hire 50 employees. Thus Invent’s got into the history as a first private company, in Yugoslavia, with more than 10 workers.

            In the mid-1988,between Fruška Gora mountain and Danube river, near to Beočin,10 km away from Novi Sad, „INVENT” has built a brand new hall 1200 m2,and in the middle of 1992 another one 1800 m2.

            Besides plastic injection molding, which we have got highest grades, „INVENT”  continuously developed extruding and blow molding techniques.

            As a result of our entrepreneurial activity is our product list: WATER CISTERNS, TOILET SEATS, SEWER PIPES and FITTINGS, KITCHEN WATER HEATERS 5 AND 10 l.