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INVENT Ltd. has marked its jubilee - 20 years of manufacturing cisterns, by opening a completely new production line for new cistern, which is manufactured and sold by the commercial name "Bojana", with the 10 year guarantee.
Bojana cistern, with its technical characteristics and aesthetics, has been positioned among the best cisterns manufactured in Europe today. When the production of cisterns in Europe is 11.000.000 (eleven million) per year is the fact, to be amongst the best is the success that our customers has welcomed with eagerness, and some of them have noted that they had expected this from INVENT 7 - 8 years ago.


Material:     ABS (engineering plastic) everlastingly keeps the whiteness and high gloss.

Fill valve :equipped with the brass nozzle, is easily adjustable and allows quick filling with extreme noiselessness.

Capacity: Adjustable amount of water 6 - 9 l. Start - stop button allows rational use of water.

Insulation:    Expanded polystyrene (EPS) which prevents the condensation.

Flush rate : Thanks to the Ø50/Ø45 flush pipe for low-level installation, the rate of flushing is 4,2 sec (European standard).

Installation: Very simple. It is done using the template which is fixed to the wall.. The connection to the water grid is done with the flexible connection hose F/F 3/8'' x 3/8''. Both the template and the flexible connection hose are delivered within the cistern.. Water can be connected to the cistern either from the left or from the right side. The cistern cover is taken off by pressing the side of the cistern.

  1. Rough measures for low installation of the cistern (pic. 1).
  2. Press one of the sides of the cistern, lift the cover and take out the contents from the cistern (pic. 2).
  3. Define the exact position of the cistern according to the required installation type.
  4. Drill two Ø8 holes in the wall and, using two 4x40 mm screws, fix the template horizontally to the wall. The template is a cistern support, as well (pic. 3).
  5. Connecting the flush pipe:
    -cut the low-level installation flush pipe to the desired length. Put the universal bushing on the narrower end of the flush pipe, and together with the pipe insert it in the toilet. After that, on the upper (wider) end of the flush pipe, place the nut, plastic ring and the conical bushing (pic. 4).
    - the same is for the high-level installation (pic. 4).
  6. Place the cistern on the support and put it on the flush pipe, while the nut is used to tighten the flush pipe to the cistern (pic. 5).
  7. Connect the fill valve with the angle valve using the flexible connection hose. After that, turn on the angle valve as the cistern can be filled with the water (pic. 6).
  8. Adjust the desired water level in the cistern between 6 - 9 l using the water level adjusting screw on the fill valve and put the cover back on the cistern (pic. 7).
  9. Using the cistern
    At the low-level installation type is done by pressing the button on the cistern, and at the high-level installation is done by pulling the string down (pic. 8).
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